"In 1969 I gave up women and alcohol. It was the worst 20 minutes of my life" George Best

APRIL 2019
16th/ 20:00/ Barcelona vs Man United [Champions League]
16th/ 20:00/ Juventus vs Ajax [Champions League]
17th/ 20:00/ Porto vs Liverpool [Champions League]
17th/ 20:00/ Man City vs Tottenham [Champions League]
18th/ 20:00/ Napoli vs Arsenal [UEFA Europa League]
18th/ 20:00/ Chelsea vs Slavia Prague [UEFA Europa League]
20th/ 12.30/ Man City vs Tottenham [Premier League]
20th/ 17.30/ Newcastle vs Southampton [Premier League]
23rd/ 19.45/ Tottenham vs Brighton [Premier League]
24th/ 20.00/ Man Utd vs Man City [Premier League]
26th/ 20.00/ Liverpool vs Huddersfield [Premier League] [SOUND OFF]
27th/ 12.30/ Tottenham vs West Ham [Premier League]
27th/ 17.30/ Brighton vs Newcastle [Premier League]
28th/ 12.00/ Leicester vs Arsenal [Premier League]
28th/ 14.05/ Burnley vs Man City [Premier League]
28th/ 16.30/ Man Utd vs Chelsea [Premier League]
30th/ 20.00/ Tottenham vs Ajax [Champions League]

MAY 2019

1st/ 20.00/ Barcelona vs Liverpool [Champions League]
2nd/ 20.00/ Arsenal vs Valencia [Europa League] [SOUND OFF]
2nd/ 20.00/ Frankfurt vs Chelsea [Europa League] [SOUND OFF]
4th/ 12.30/ Bournemouth vs Tottenham [Premier League]
4th/ 19.45/ Newcastle vs Liverpool [Premier League] (Possibly sound off for 2nd half due to DJ, but depends on how busy the football is)
5th/ 14.00/ Huddersfield vs Man Utd [Premier League]
5th/ 16.30/ Arsenal vs Brighton [Premier League]
6th/ 20.00/ Man City vs Leicester [Premier League]
7th/ 20.00/ Liverpool vs Barcelona [Champions League]
8th/ 20.00/ Ajax vs Tottenham [Champions League]
9th/ 20.00/ Valencia vs Arsenal [Europa League] [SOUND OFF]
9th/ 20.00/ Chelsea vs Frankfurt [Europa League] [SOUND OFF]
11th/17:00/ Leinster v Saracens [European Champions Cup Final]
12th/ 15:00/ Liverpool v Wolves
12th/ 15:00/ Brighton v Man City [SOUND OFF]
18th/ 17.30/ Man City vs Watford [FA Cup Final]
29th/ 20.00/ Europa League Final

JUNE 2019

1st/ 20.00/ Champions League Final
6th/ 19:45/ Netherlands v England [EUFA Nations League]