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All Organic Roast Every Sunday

Pretty F*cking Good Roast pop-up at The Three Compasses Pub in Dalston

The succulent slow-cooked Sunday feast. All organic, carefully sourced and best quality produce. Crafted with creative flair and down-to-earth heartiness by our star chef, formerly of the legendary Noma in Copenhagen (voted Best Restaurant in the World). Watch the footie during the day, or relax into the cosy corners of this autumnal pub in Dalston for our evening roast sitting.

…All for fifteen quid

Now that’s a Pretty F*cking Good Roast!

Join us for the Sunday Roast pop-up you've been dreaming of. A bit like Nana’s wholesome Sunday Dinners...if she was a star chef, cooked with only the finest organic ingredients, served a wide selection of local craft beers, cider, wine and spirits, and you didn't have to sit next to Uncle Ned.

Your all organic slow-cooked Sunday Roast pop-up

The Menu

- Slow roasted shoulder of organic salt marsh Lamb
- Organic chicken leg with lemon and thyme
- Low temp organic brisket of Angus Beef
- Smoked mushroom Shepherd's Pie (vegetarian) 
All served with roast potatoes, celeriac purée, honey roast roots, kale, bread sauce from fresh bread trimmings from Pavilion, and 64-hour gravy with banging Yorkshire puddings. 

We'll be running a lunch time roast from 12-2pm, a footie roast between 2-6pm for those wanting to catch the games, and an evening roast from 6-9pm for the night owls who alway miss a Sunday lunch. 

Lovely jubbly

The Chef
Dave Darmanin is a hard-nosed chef from Malta who has been active in the food industry for the past 20 years. He started out volunteering in a kitchen at a YMCA homeless shelter at age 16 and worked his way to open his own catering establishments. He also took to food writing – becoming a food magazine editor by day and a restaurateur by night. When he got accepted for a placement at Restaurant Noma in Copenhagen (voted World's Best Restaurant), he packed his knives and cook books and never looked back. His time at Noma left him with a need to rediscover his culinary roots, so he booked a one-way flight to Italy and spent the next couple of years feeding fussy crowds and doing street food consultancy on the side.
Discovering the London food scene, he moved to Hackney Wick in 2014 and decided to use his skills and experience in fine dining to create dishes that were easily accessible to parties that would not hang out at Michelin star restaurants that often. With his brands Pretty F*cking Good Toast and Pretty F*cking Good Roast he popped up at artists' warehouses, microbreweries, street markets, fashion studios, shop shares, private homes, canal boats, pubs, restaurants, hired venues and even Buckingham Palace (but that was just a one-off).

The Three Compasses, Dalston
A cosy, comforting pub with nooks and crannies to nestle into with a board game, and space enough to rouse everyone to a jig (who knows?), The 3 Compasses offers a tantalising selection of craft beers, wines, ciders and spirits to satisfy even the most exacting of drunkards.
Set in a bustling, trendy area between Dalston and Hackney, this is a traditional pub with a twist. Like a cool, wise old man.